Sight and Hearing Resource Centre

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10 am – 1 pm

Sara Olden in Resource Centre

Sara Olden, Community Support Assistant

Bournemouth Blind Society has a well equipped Resource Centre where specialist equipment for sight and/or hearing impaired people is displayed. Visitors are encouraged to try out a range of equipment designed to make life easier.   Items are available for demonstration and/or purchase.  Certain products can also be loaned out on a short-term basis.

Our Resource Centre was refurbished in late 2016 and re-opened by the Mayor.

In the Sight Room, talking clocks and watches are particularly popular, together with talking kitchen equipment like scales, tin lids, microwaves and measuring jugs. Liquid level indicators to assist in making hot drinks safely are also recommended.

Other helpful, practical talking products include calculators, colour detectors, spirit levels  and tape measures. Talking penfriends can help visually impaired people to record and store messages.

Sight Resource Centre

Sight Resource Centre

We also have large button, easy to use remote controls for TV’s and DVD’s and can demonstrate a range of handheld portable electronic magnifiers, desktop readers, large screen magnifiers and large print keyboards.

There is a selection of eye shields in different colours to suit different eye conditions.

For leisure activities, there are large print games such as Scrabble and playing cards (Braille versions also available). Large print stationary in stock includes address books, telephone books, calendars, diaries, crossword books and Sudoku books.


Hearing Resource Centre

Hearing Resource Centre

In our Hearing Room we have a range of telephones that amplify sound for clients to try out.  Some of these have big buttons for those with dual sensory loss. We can also demonstrate TV amplifying products.

A selection of information leaflets about benefits, services and other organisations that may assist is available.

Our trained staff and volunteers will be pleased to show you around the Centre. Please phone 01202 546644 for more information.



Geraldine Bradley, Community Support Manager, talks about the Resource Centre