Becoming a Member

Anyone with significant sight loss living in Bournemouth and the surrounding area can become a member of Bournemouth Blind Society. Registration is FREE.

Potential new members and their families are encouraged to visit the Centre for a guided tour and overview of the facilities and services that we can offer. To ensure that someone will be available to meet you, please telephone 01202 546644 in advance for an appointment. If you wish to become a member, staff will assist you to complete a Registration Form.

Privacy Practices

We assure you that any personal data Bournemouth Blind Society holds:

  • will be stored securely
  • will never be shared without your permission, unless required by law
  • will never be sold to any other organisation
  • will be removed if requested

What Our Members Say

‘Bournemouth Blind Society is like my home from home’
Member Emma


Member Tracey


‘You are my second family’
‘I like being picked up on the bus, it’s such a wonderful door-to-door service’
Member Irene


Member Eve


‘I come for the great company, otherwise I’d be sat at home on my own, I am so glad to get out’
‘Buying a talking clock from you was great – I just push the button and always know what the time is, even in the middle of the night’
Member Kay


Member Elsie


‘It’s lovely to come and meet people and have a laugh’
‘We have become like a happy family’
Member freda


Member John


‘You’ve saved my life and the Society is the centre of my world at the moment.  The staff are very friendly, helpful and understanding and the facilities are excellent’
‘Bournemouth Blind Society has helped me to get out, meet people, go on trips to different places and have the opportunity to take up Archery again’
Member Chrissie


Member Dave


‘I like coming to meet new friends, everyone is so friendly’
‘We enjoy having a laugh in the Tuesday Drop in cafe but know that behind the scenes there’s plenty of help and you can count on the staff to support you with things’
Member Ray


Member Alan


‘Losing my sight is still a very raw, emotional subject,  I was in despair before I came to Bournemouth Blind Society and was grieving the loss of my eyes but I’ve come such a long way since I started coming here.   There’s not one person here who hasn’t helped me, I am so thankful’
‘Everybody has always been so helpful here and willing to sort out any problems with my correspondence and making telephone calls or appointments – that has been absolutely vital’


Member Jean


 ‘I crossed your threshold enveloped in “poor me” syndrome but with cunning and gentle persuasion you gave me back my zest for life.  I now do things I thought were beyond me and daily think how lucky I am that you are always there.  Your influence even affects my family and friends whose feelings range from mirth to amazement and frequently disbelief when I tell them of my latest exploit.  Thank you for being there for myself, my family and friends – keep up the good work!’
‘An existing member of the club persuaded me to join because of my own visual impairment.  I am delighted that I did so because, without exception, all the staff and volunteers are extremely friendly and helpful.  All of the members are mindful of each others disabilities, leading to a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere amongst them.  My only regret is that I did not find out about you sooner!’
Member Frank